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is the homepage of the former Liver PET Group at the PET Centre and Department of Hepatology, Aarhus University Hospital and University of Aarhus, Denmark, and Department of Mathematics, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.

This homepage highlights the results of more than 20 years research to develop, test and implement clinical methods to provide measures and knowledge of liver hemodynamics and metabolism in healthy subjects and patients with liver disease.

Susanne Keiding, Michael Sørensen, Michael Sørensen, Ole Lajord Munk, Ludvik Bass, Kim Frisch, liver PET group, Aarhus, Denmark, hepatology, liver haemodynamics and metabolism, dynamic FDG-PET, brain metabolism.

Selected Publications

Obeticholic acid improves hepatic bile acid excretion in patients with primary biliary cholangitis
Kristoffer Kjærgaard, Kim Frisch, Michael Sørensen, Ole Lajord Munk, Alan Frederick Hofmann, Jacob Horsager, Anna Christina Schacht, Mary Erickson, David Shapiro, Susanne Keiding
Journal of Hepatology 2021; 74:58—65.

Prognostic modeling for patients with colorectal liver metastases incorporating FDG PET radiomic features
Arman Rahmim, Kirstine P Bak-Fredslund, Saeed Ashrafinia, Lijun Lu, C Ross Schmidtlein, Rathan M Subramaniam, Anni Morsing, Susanne Keiding, Jacob Horsager, Ole L Munk
Eur J Radiol. 2019 April; 113:101—109.

Regional metabolic liver function measured in patients with cirrhosis by 2-[18F]fluoro-2-deoxy-D-galactose PET/CT
Michael Sørensen, Kasper S Mikkelsen, Kim Frisch, Gerda E Villadsen, Susanne Keiding
J Hepatol 2013; 58:1119—24.