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A software package for region-based
tracer kinetic modeling

A program for kinetic analyses of dynamic PET data: time-activity curves are loaded into iFit where kinetic models can be fitted to your data. iFit contains most tracer kinetic models (mainly compartment models), input models (to correct for time-delay and dispersion), models for metabolite correction, an interactive tool for choosing an initial guess, a powerful custom-made optimizer, and more.

You may download and use iFit for free.

You are encouraged to report bugs and suggest improvements to but I cannot promise to correct or update the software (iFit is a project that I work on during my spare time). Thus, I will read your e-mail but cannot promise a personal answer to all e-mails.

What's new

Version 0.82 (released 11/07/2013)
vi-plot - a new data plot for data exploration and model selection.
Added more dual-input models (for analyses of liver data).

Version 0.81 (released 07/07/2011)
Added features to Metabolite correction + fixed some bugs.
ifit.log is updated after each fit (also in metabolite correction).

Version 0.80 (released 09/06/2011)
Automatic check for updates.

Version 0.79 (released 05/05/2011)
Dispersion correction - estimate dispersion and calculate a dispersion-free input function.

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